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Legal & Client  Fulfillment Team 

A PLUS EXIT has partnered with Dramer Law Firm to assist our clients with the legal legwork required to fight some of the tough timeshare resorts. Our teams work together as one effective team to free our clients from unwanted timeshares. Dramer Law Firm understands the financial hardship and predatory lending techniques that are often employed by the Time Share company’s and work hand in hand with us to be the best solution for our clients. 

Because A PLUS EXIT and the Dramer Law Firm work together in such a close and exclusive manner, our clients receive the best of both worlds and experience incredible success when trying to cancel their Time Share obligations. 


Bradley Randall, JD In-House Counsel

Mr. Randall is a licensed attorney in Arizona and North Carolina and represents A PLUS as legal counsel for the business. Although Mr. Randall doesn’t represent A PLUS clients directly, he does help A PLUS stay up to date with the latest legal trends and solutions related to the timeshare industry. He is passionate about making sure A PLUS provides the very best solutions for its clients. Mr Randall makes sure our legal partners and other fulfillment teams produce amazing results for our clients. 

When he’s not helping A PLUS grow into the best timeshare exit company in the industry, Mr. Randall enjoys practicing international corporate and international tax law at his law firm, Randall & Associates. His law firm’s website can be found at www.raaslaw.com. He also serves as an “Of Counsel” attorney at Parsons Behle Latimer in their corporate & tax group. 

You can learn more about Mr. Randall on LinkedIn.  



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